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About LWV Chicago

Board of Directors


Annie Logue, President
Jill Althage, Vice President
Cathy Potkay, Vice President
Karen Sandrick, Vice President
Nancy Kelly-Martin, Secretary
Pat Vogtman, Treasurer


Nancy Brandt
Sarah Bury
Bernice Fortini
Helene Gabelnick
Patricia Graunke
Margaret Herring
Jeanne Mayer
Rae Sokolow


Units of the League of Women Voters of Chicago provide opportunities for members to meet in small groups to discuss issues and learn more about studies being conducted by the league. Please contact unit leaders before attending a meeting, as times and locations vary.

Loop-evening Unit: Meets third Tuesday each month at 5:30pm
Margaret Herring, Leader

West Side-daytime Unit: Meets one Sunday a month
Joan Morton, Leader

Loop-afternoon Unit: Meets midweek afternoon each month
Carol Ziegeldorf, Leader

Loop-morning Unit: Meets third Thursday each month at 10am
Bernice Fortini, Leader

Far Southwest Side-evening Unit:
Betsy Perrine and Marcia Cowing, Co-leaders

Hyde Park-daytime Unit: Meets fourth Thursday each month at 1:30pm
Dorothy Scheff, Leader


Communications Committee - Cathy Potkay

Education Committee - Rae Sokolow, Chair

Environmental Issues/Natural Resources Committee - Margaret Herring and Patricia Graunke, Co-Chairs

Health Committee - Margaret O'Hara, Chair

Membership Committee - Patricia Graunke, Chair

Social Policy/Housing Committee - Herb Ziegeldorf, Chair

State of the City Committee - Rae Sokolow, Chair

Voter Services Committee - Helene Gabelnick, Chair

Interleague Affiliations

The League of Women Voters of Chicago is a member of several Interleague organizations:


Download a pdf copy of Chicago League of Women Voters Bylaws.

Annual Meeting June 2017

The following reports were presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting June 17, 2017. They are available here in pdf form.

Annual Report of the League of Women Voters Chicago

Audit Report