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Prescription Drug Pricing

Materials from the January 13, 2018 briefing can be found in this Dropbox folder location (a Dropbox account is not required to download the files)

Prescription Drug Pricing Materials

Why a New Drug Policy Makes Sense

Here are background materials related to the November briefing from Rev. Alexander Sharp of Clergy for a New Drug Policy.

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Drug Policy Alliance: Time to Decriminalize Report

Summary List

A Chicago Data

B Chicago Cook Cty

C Naloxone

D Opioid Illinois

F Overdose prevention

G Fritchey Referendum

H Taxing and Resulating Cannabis

Tax Increment Financing:A Controversy of Funding

The attached document contains links to reference materials relevant to the October 14th briefing. To obtain a copy of the presentation powerpoint, please contact the League offices at

TIF Reference Materials

2A Glossary

2B Frequently Asked Questions

2C Advantages and Disadvantages

League 101

The following materials were presented or referenced on September 9th's League 101 presentation.

LWVChicago Briefings are always free and open to the public. Check the calendar for future briefings.

League 101 Agenda

League 101 Presentation

League Basics

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