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Upcoming Election


  • December 20, 2017 - Application for Vote by Mail opens
  • February 8 - Early voting begins
  • February 20 - Last day for regular voter registration
  • March 4 - Last day for online registration

See below for detailed information.

How and When to Vote


Even if you think you are a registered voter, it is quick and easy to confirm.

You can check your registration here

If you aren't registered, see Voter Registration


For the March 20 Primary Election, Chicago voters will be able to use Early Voting and Registration from Feb. 8 through March 19.

Early voting ballots are final. To find out more details on early voting registration and locations, refer to the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners website


Any registered voter in Chicago is eligible to Vote by Mail. Once a mail ballot has been returned to the Board, it cannot be retrieved or withdrawn. Ballots must be postmarked by the Election Day.

For more details on Vote by Mail, refer to the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners website


No ID is required for voting in the voter's home precinct on Election Day unless the voter is voting for the first time and has registered by mail without verification. This information would be indicated to the judges by the Electronic Poll Book.

Polling place hours are 6am to 7pm.

Please be aware that the location of your polling place may have changed. Verify your location

What is on My Ballot?

A ballot can contain candidates for elected positions, as well as referenda.

The resources below provide information about the upcoming election, including candidate information and sample ballots:

Vote 411


BallotReady "

The League of Women Voters of Chicago does not endorse candidates. Here are some resources regarding candidate positions and endorsements based on associations and Chicago's major newspapers:

The Chicago Tribune:

Chicago Sun-Times:

Vote for Judges: for bar associations' recommendations for judicial candidates.


Information about referenda on the ballot, including League positions when applicable, will be available as items are identified.

Candidate Forums

The purpose of candidate forums and debates is to allow voters an opportunity to hear candidates discuss issues face-to-face, to stimulate public interest in the campaign, and to provide the candidates an opportunity to engage with their constituents.

The League of Women Voters trains volunteers to moderate candidate forums/debates.

Scheduled candidate events are listed on our calendar