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How do I register to vote? When is the next election? Where do I vote? Candidate/Referenda Information

Voter registration

If you have not been registered previously, moved, changed your name or become a citizen you have to register before the election. This can be done at the Board of Elections, with an online form or with a deputy registrar.

For information on voter registration, contact the Board of Election Commissioners for the City of Chicago, 69 W Washington Street, Suites 600/800, Chicago, Illinois 60602, 312-269-7900.

To verify your registration, find your polling place and your districts and view sample ballots, go to or phone the above number.

On Line Registration is available: It is possible to register to vote (or change your address) on line in Illinois if:

The applicant has either an Illinois Driver's License or State ID.
The signature is used for the ballot application.
The applicant has a Social Security number
If the applicant supplies her/his email address (optional), Illinois election code requires election officials to provide this email information to campaign committees and political organizations.
October 7, 2014 is the deadline to register to vote (or change your address) for the General Election.
October 6 to November 4 + Grace Period Registration and Voting at Chicago Board of Elections, 69 W. Washington, 6th floor. You must vote when you register.
This permits grace period registration to take place on Election Day! NEW!!

Where and when to vote

Please be aware that the location of your polling place may have changed because precinct boundaries were changed after City Council redistricting. Verify the location at

No ID is required for voting in the voter's home precinct on Election Day unless the voter is voting for the first time and has registered by mail without verification. This information would be indicated to the judges by the Electronic Poll Book.

In addition to voting in the assigned precinct on November 4 there are the following options

  • Early Voting: October 20 to November 2 at selected sites. See for the list of sites

  • Vote by Mail (absentee voting) No reason required
Apply for ballot from August 6 to October 30
Postmark for returning absentee ballot is November 3
If the absentee ballot has not been submitted the voter may vote in her/his precinct on November 4.

  • Absentee Voting for overseas civilians and military personnel
Ballot requests and voting may be carried out on line.

  • In-person absentee voting at Chicago Board of Elections, November 2 and 3

Candidate/Referenda Information

A sample ballot may be obtained by going to

In the November 4, 2014 General Election, Chicago voters will elect:

United States Senator

Governor Lieutenant Governor

Attorney General

Secretary of State



Representative in Congress (one in each District)

State Senator (only in Districts 3, 6, 12, 15, 18, 39)

Representative in the General Assembly (one in each District)

Three (3) Commissioners of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners

County Clerk of Cook County

Treasurer of Cook County

Sheriff of Cook County

Assessor of Cook County

Cook County Commissioner (one in each District)

Commissioner of the Cook County Board of (Tax) Review (District 3)

Appellate, Circuit and Sub-circuit Judges (to fill vacancies as needed)

Whether to retain various Appellate and Circuit Judges (yes or no)

Chicago voters also will DECIDE various binding and advisory referenda:


Whether to amend the Illinois Constitution to protect victims' rights (binding)

Whether to amend the Illinois Constitution to protect the right to vote (binding)

Increase the minimum wage to $10 per hour (advisory)

Impose a tax on incomes of $1 million or more to benefit education funding (advisory)

Require insurance coverage of birth control and contraception (advisory)


Whether to require background checks for firearm sales and ban assault weapons (advisory)

Whether the State of Illinois should increase funding for mental-health services (advisory)


Whether the FAA should revisit airport noise standards (advisory)

Revisit rules on locating medical marijuana dispensaries (advisory)

Whether to revise the school-funding formula for disadvantaged children (advisory)

Some sites that voters might find helpful regarding candidates are:

League of Women Voters of Illinois has prepared a brochure with information on the state-wide referenda. You may download a pdf version of this brochure.