Making Democracy Work

What is Membership?

What does it mean to belong to the League?

League members, first and foremost, become informed:

1.On the issues that have been identified by the local, county, state, and national Leagues. This is foundational. There are two ways to become informed on League issues:

at the monthly Saturday morning meetings/briefings at neighborhood or Loop unit meetings on the same subjects.

2 On other issues of interest to residents of Chicago and to Americans generally:

Chicago in Focus + Jointly with the Union League Club, after-work presentations on issues related to government policy and practice. Great Decisions - Discussions on foreign policy issues.

League members participate in the democratic process:

1.By responding to calls to action from the local, county, state, and national Leagues, asking that we contact our policy makers. These calls to action are based on positions that have been reached by the relevant levels of Leagues through a process of study and reaching consensus.

2.By participating in studies when they occur, emanating from various levels of Leagues. These studies may have been preceded by periods of observation and data gathering, and will have been adopted by the entire membership at the time of the local annual meeting or the county, state and national conventions.

3.By participating in the process of reaching consensus when studies have been completed and consensus is taken. To date, consensus is taken at the unit meetings, but may be offered in the future after the Saturday briefings as well.

4.By voting in all elections, as well as participating in voter service activities to encourage and assist others in being able to vote.

League members support the League:

1.Through their membership dues.

2.Through attendance at the annual meeting in June.

3.By participating in a committee.

4.By volunteering to help with League activities.

5.Through attendance at the major fundraising event in the spring, or if unable to attend, by purchasing a scholarship for someone else, if possible.

6.With additional contributions if they are able to do so.